a hole in the light: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2018

By on February 28, 2019

At the close of last year I was very honoured to learn that a haiku of mine would be included in the new Red Moon anthology. Edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial staff, the Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku “assembles each year the finest haiku and related forms published around the world in english into a single book.” Here’s my haiku:


dandelion fluff

telling my long-lost sister

the story of us


Many thanks to Kala Ramesh for accepting the poem for publication in Under the Basho 2018, and many thanks to Jim Kacian and his team of editors for including my work to be featured in such a fine series.

Elmedin Kadric
Helsingborg, Sweden

A widely published Haiku/minimalist poet writing out of Helsingborg, Sweden.